Massaging Scrubber BS-24

Relaxation for the Skin

Article No. 0756

The portable facial skin massaging scrubber is a high performance and convenient unit for intensive soothing facial cleansing. The various brush attachments allow for a variety of treatments and cleaning of the face, neck, cervical and cleavage. The BS-24 is easy to use and supports making the skin a dermatological delight.

Massaging Scrubber BS-24 / Technical Data

Article No.0756
SizeB 114 x H 86 x T 183 mm
Weight1,1 kg
Voltage230 V, 50 Hz, 24 W
Speed200 rpm - 750 rpm
Length133 mm
Diameter18,5 - 33 mm
Clamping SystemAutomatic Clamping
Weight280 g
Instrument Shaft SizeØ 6,00 mm

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