Azuras Chrome

Innovative Touch Screen Spray Unit

Article No. 0982

The spray unit Azuras Chrome creates a new standard by meeting the highest requirements. Modern, unique, and equipped with a couple of technical finesses it offers secure and clean work.

The modern touch screen display makes work much easier in many ways. Preferred speeds are to be seen directly on the touch display. Help videos describe the most important features and make the first steps foolproof. Instructions (e.g. change of washers, clean chuck etc.) can be displayed on the monitor. With the help of an USB stick you can show your clients your own pictures, for example to illustrate their treatment progresses.

This unit is equipped with a super small chrome handpiece with 3 LEDs.


Azuras Chrome / Highlights

Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Super Small Handpiece with 3 LEDs
Super Small Handpiece with 3 LEDs

Azuras Chrome / Features

Videos help you with the first steps

You have access to the manual in multiple languages directly on the display.


Pictures say more than words

Use the image viewer in the display to explain the planned treatment steps to your client. With the help of an USB stick you can also show your own pictures, which gives you the possibility to illustrate the treatment progress for your client.

You have 3 memory locations at your disposal

The saved speed and suction level is shown directly on the buttons.

Azuras Chrome / Details

Small Chrome Handpiece



You will be amazed at the atomising technology from hadewe, which allows for the finest spray mist on the market. Our specialised spray nozzle makes it possible to work with just demineralised (purified) water without alcoholic supplements, which is better for podiatrist and patient. The skin layers are also not attacked as much as they are with alcohol. Our own spray supplement AquaHy can instead be used to kill germs and is odorless.

The 3 powerful LED lights provide excellent illumination. The super small chrome handpiece makes working with it a pleasure.

Azuras Chrome / Technical Data

Article No.0982
Size in mm
(incl. exterior parts)
W 248 x H 145 x D 180
W 310 x H 145 x D 180
Weight3,4 kg
Spray SystemFine hadewe Spray Nebulation (200 ml Tank)
Voltage230 V
Foot SwitchOptional Foot Switch
Carry CasesSuitable for all hadewe carry cases
Speed6.000 rpm - 40.000 rpm
Length116 mm
Diameter17- 21 mm
Clamping SystemAutomatic Clamping
Handpiece MotorBrushless
Weight120 g
Instrument Shaft SizeØ 2,35 mm

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