International Podiatry Weekend 2020

5th-6th September, 2020 in Groningen, Netherlands

Hosted by hadewe GmbH and Pedimed BV:

hadewe GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers for podiatry & chiropody machines for over 50 years. We have been supplying distributors in more than 40 countries worldwide, and have been influential in not only developing new technology, but also in implementing these drills into the footcare field within Europe and internationally. hadewe is one of the few manufacturers, who are actually producing class 2A medical device units, which meet the strict requirements of many governments and hospitals, while many other manufacturers often only produce class 1 equipment. Our products are made in Germany within our facilities in Hannover, Germany, and high quality, professional after sale service, and continuous development of new technology have made hadewe the market leader in many countries.

Pedimed BV is a successful supplier of footcare equipment for over 20 years. They have been the exclusive distributor for hadewe machines since the beginning, and have a network of 15-20 dealers to support the brand within the Netherlands. Over the years Pedimed has established multiple school facilities in Holland, currently in Groningen and Heerenveen, in which they train hundreds of nurses and podiatrists each year in various degrees of education.  Recently, they have started an additional company, Martini Beauty, focused on the production of high quality chairs and supplies, and the international distribution of those items. Pedimed’s longstanding experience in the podiatry sector, as well as the training facilities for larger number of participants, make them our ideal host partner for this event.


Objective & Main Goal of the Seminar:

Hadewe is often approached by distributors of international countries about how to establish or expand the business within the individual countries. While the foot care field is somewhat similar in many European countries, there are major differences worldwide. Some countries have not yet established the field yet. There are only few or no regulations by the government or medical local societies, and companies are looking towards Europe for inspiration of how to implement parts of the European systems into their own culture.

While some European countries are selling hundreds and thousands of podiatry drills within a year, some international countries don’t even have the basics of vacuum or spray technology covered, or have a large percentage of late consequences of neglected basic footcare, ranging from ingrown toenails to even amputation. This could often be prevented by using a system where not all parts of the operations require the work of a doctor.

In our experience there is no seminar that covers that particular area and focuses on a) expanding the podiatry field by providing more help for the general population, and b) establishing a profitable business opportunity at the same time by expanding the field within your respective countries.


Groningen in the Netherlands

Groningen is a beautiful university city with 230.000 inhabitants in the north of the Netherlands. The closest airport is the Groningen Airport, which has direct connections to Amsterdam and London on a regular base. Please check here for more info:

Pedimed BV has schooling facilities directly located in Groningen, and are teaching/training several hundred students in podiatry each year. We have rooms with multiple workstations and drills, so that any number of seminar participants can receive hands-on training at the same time.


Schedule for the International Podiatry Weekend 2020


Friday, the 4th September, 2020


Meeting at main Hotel lobby at a specific time (around 19:00) for 1 hour

  • Short introduction of hadewe GmbH, Pedimed BV and the participants
  • We will serve some aperitifs and little appetizers/finger food
  • Handing out of a detailed schedule and basic info about Groningen

Saturday, the 5th September, 2020

The following presentations will be held at the weekend.
A detailed schedule will be handed out to all participants a few weeks before the event.

Introduction at Pedimed Groningen School – Podiatry Market Basics

Introduction& explanation of the goals for the weekend. Description of the market in Europe, and comparison to markets in other countries.

  • Basic markets in Europe, North America, Asia and other areas.
  • Difference between medical and cosmetic foot care.

Pedicure/Manicure Basic Information & Demonstration  

A podiatry teacher gives a description of a normal pedicure/manicure that could be carried out by any foot care nurse. This will be an actual live presentation/demonstrating. This includes the  following subjects:

  • Hygienic fundamental principles
  • Basic Nail cleaning (including nail polish/varnish removal)
  • Basic tools for the pedicure (nail clippers, file, etc.)
  • Correct filing of the nails (according to the different forms of nails)
  • Treatment of the nail skin with oil and bath
  • Basic structure of the nail and nail typologies
  • Anatomy of hand and feet basics
  • Massage techniques of any kind (foot reflex zone massage, aroma therapy, etc.)
  • Cosmetic nail treatment (polishing/varnishing nails, smoothing gel, nail decoration and jewelry, etc.)
  • Special techniques or procedures (paraffin bath, French manicure, peeling, etc.)

Suction & Spray Unit Demonstration

A detailed demonstration of the various typed of machines & how to use them.

  • Suction units advantages & disadvantages
  • Spray unit advantages & disadvantages
  • Dry units (battery drills, nail drills, Omni Cut)
  • Different kind of clamping systems (power, automatic, lock systems)
  • Supplies: Carry Cases, foot rests, external lights, flex basins
  • Practical & technical details of various drills

Lunch (either small lunch catering at facility or nearby restaurant)

Foot Care Treatment & Demonstration  

A podiatry teacher will show the steps that a trained foot care nurse can independently handle during a foot care treatment (some require advanced or surgical operations from an actual podiatrist doctor):

  • Short practical difference of suction & spray
  • Basics of disinfection and sterilization of tools & instruments
  • Nail clipping & cutting (shortening nails and drill at nail edges)
  • Callus removal with a hadewe suction drill
  • Smoothening hard skin & hard nails
  • Selective removal of hard skin areas at the foot
  • Cleaning the nail fold
  • Wooden Nails: Removing & trimming wooden nails (advanced)
  • Removal of callus and hard skin with the trepan (hollow cutter) (advanced)
  • Shaping of the nail (bringing it back into form) (advanced)
  • Autoclaves (how to use and which autoclave for which purpose)


Round Table Discussion

Discussion with the participants about the individual differences in the respective countries to see how they work. The following will be discussed: 

  • Differences between Medical & Cosmetic Foot Care in the countries
  • What can nurses do and what has to be done by the podiatrist doctor?
  • Necessity of Medical Devices in the respective countries (and EU)
  • Potential troubleshooting & experiences of participants in their country


Evening Dinner in Groningen

Sunday, the 6th September, 2020

Pick-Up at Hotel & Drive to Netherlands Academy in Heerenveen


Podiatry Treatment Demonstration  

The podiatry teacher shows the steps that a trained podiatrist will handle (including some advanced or surgical operations):

  • Diabetic patient treatment (and special precautions)
  • Ingrown toenail removal with the clipper and edges with hadewe drill
  • Removal of (deep located) corn with drill
  • Scalpel techniques (especially with the blade)
  • BS Spange for treatment of ingrown toenails
  • Ingrown toenail treatment by gel
  • Other specific or surgical operations

Instrument Demonstration

The podiatry teacher explains the basic procedures of the instruments of a podiatrist. Focus will be on:

  • Instrument size & speeds (relation to each other)
  • Instrument materials & purposes (diamond burs, tungsten cutters, ceramics)
  • Instrument toothing types & color codes
  • hadewe basic sets & special sets (diabetic, wooden nail)
  • Cap polishers & polishing disks (advantages, disadvantages and how to use them with the drills)

We will further show you selective programs from 2 instrument manufacturers at the end of this class.

Lunch (lunch catering at the facility)


Practical Foot Care Treatment Training  

The participants do the treatment they have been shown on Day 1, both pedicure and the basic foot care with the drill. Either they test at each other or at life models.


Visit of the Pedimed Store in Herrenveen  


Foot Care Treatment Training for Professionals (Alternative Course)

Some of the participants will be experienced podiatrists that handle foot care every day, but still don’t use any (hadewe or other) drill. They will be taught more basic procedures with the machines. Main focus will be how the drill makes the podiatry work easier, and maybe also more emphasis on spray (depending on the requirements of the group).


Podiatry Market Build-Up (Alternative Course)

What is needed for market implementation in a country where the podiatry sector is not fully established yet, and what are the possibilities of building the market up? The following partners & suppliers are needed: 

  • A podiatry/foot care school or academy (either as an independent partner, or the podiatrist teaches foot care nurses the basics to lighten his workload)
  • A drill manufacturer like hadewe (basic differences between suction & spray)
  • An instrument supplier (for burs, cutters, etc.)
  • A technical after sale service partner for annual maintenance & long term repairs (either internal technical staff or an external service center).
  • A supplier for chairs, furniture and supplies (where applicable)
  • Checklist of potential difficulties for the market implementation


After Sale Service 

There are certain things the user of a podiatry drill has to do, and some things the company has to organize to provide good after sale service. We will show the participants the following:

  • User responsibilities (cleaning chuck, checking filter bags & washers, etc.)
  • Seminar participants clean handpiece after live demonstration
  • Technical Service Support (description of technical training, spare part support, hadewe technical homepage, and similar matters)
  • Maintenance demonstration (if time allows it)
  • Making sure essential supplies are in stock (filters, washers, brushes, AquaHy)
  • Making sure drill users are sending their machines in for annual check-up

We will further show you the actual cleaning of the hand pieces & control units at the end of this class.


Evening Dinner & transport back to the hotel


Contents & details of this program may change without prior notice. We will try to adjust the program according to the participants & will offer some new content for previous attendees.


International Podiatry Weekend – Prices and Accommodations

Weekend Seminar Price:

499 €                     early bird special price when ordering till 30th April 2020
699 €                     for ordering after 1st May 2020

This contains the whole weekend schedule including lunch and dinner as described above.
Transport to and from main hotel to the seminar facilities is also included.

Hotel Prices:

100-125 € / per night                      3 star hotel room close to seminar facility and city center
200-230 € /per night                       4 star hotel room close to seminar facility and city center

We will book this after we have the total number of participants and apply for a group rate.
There will be one main hotel, which will be the meeting point for all activities.

Flights to and from Groningen:

We can help you finding good flights rates to Groningen, but usually it is better booked individually.
If you are looking forward to extend your stay with a visit to the hadewe production facility in Hannover (Germany), then please contact us. The distance to hadewe is approx. 2-3 hour drive from Groningen.

Registration Deadline:

Please let us know till the 30th April, 2020, if you would like to participate.

You can contact for pre-registration or further details. 


Seminar Disclaimer

The information provided in this seminar is for educational purposes only. The instructor is providing training on how to potentially expand business, which should not be interpreted as providing investment advice.
The examples of specific outcomes that are provided are for training and informational purposes only and are not recommendations. This seminar is being provided with the understanding that the instructor is not engaged in providing legal, accounting, tax, or other professional services/advice. All materials are provided as is without warranty. Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, the instructor assumes no liability for errors and omissions. The methods and techniques provided in this seminar may be profitable or they may result in a loss. All examples, opinions, analyses and information provided are based on sources believed to be reliable and presented in good faith. No representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is made including but not limited to any representation or warranty concerning accuracy, completeness, correctness, timeliness or appropriateness. Minor details in the schedule are subject to change without further notice.

By purchasing and/or attending and participating in the Seminar, you are attesting that you have read, understand, and agreed with the above disclaimer.